All silks are dyed to order and can take up to 2 weeks to ship. Click for more shipping info.

Washing/Care Instructions


For best results, hand wash individually in cool water.

For detergent, use a little dishwashing liquid, baby shampoo or a gentle liquid laundry soap. 

Gently rub the soap through the fabric. A little color runoff is normal, especially on solids. If you mistakenly use warm/hot water, the color will run a lot.

Rinse thoroughly. Avoid soaking the silk for long periods.

Gently squeeze to remove excess water & hang to dry.

Washing hand painted (stars, moons, etc) silks could result in the hand painting coming off and is not recommended. Spot clean only.


Iron on low to remove wrinkles. It is ok to use steam. 

If your silk has hand painting (stars, moons, etc), iron on reverse side of the paint. Direct heat will cause the silk paint to melt and burn.