All silks are dyed to order and can take up to 2 weeks to ship. Click for more shipping info.

Additional Policies & FAQs

I reserve the right to substitute machine hemmed scarves or 5mm weight if my supplier is out of stock of what I regularly use.

If your hand rolled hemmed silks arrive with loose strings this is normal. I try to cut them all, but some slip by and are shipped that way. Simply snip any loose threads with scissors and the silk will last for years to come. Since hand rolled hems are literally rolled and stitched by hand they will be looser than machine hemmed edges. Loose spots are normal. 

If you are outside the US, please contact me before ordering as the shipping calculator can sometimes be much higher than the actual freight charge, especially on very small orders.

I do not offer wholesale to businesses.

Why does the tag say Made in China?
My silk blanks are imported from China, but all of the dyeing is done right here in my studio in Maine. 

Silk comes from China. Much of the development of Asia and Europe owes to the establishment of the Silk Road. Unlike something that could or is made elsewhere being sent into China for cheap labour, silk is a true product of China. You will find pockets of ahimsa or peace silk in India, South Africa and a few other places.  Ghandi objected to silk and helped shape these alternate sources. They allow the silk moth to emerge, which cuts the threads of the cocoon upon their exit, severing all the the threads and making it impossible to run a single long thread for weaving, this silk therefore has a different texture and quality. When the colony of Georgia (USA) was established, one of the goals of the founders was to establish a silk trade (they had some small success in Virginia) but the climate was unsuited to the silk moth which requires mulberry leaves.

Within the Chinese silk industry, it is possible to find ethically sourced silk, but use your critical mind when dealing with alternate sources. One company claims their silk is vegan because they don't boil the worms in the cocoons. They claim to let them emerge and live their natural life. However, they fail to mention that life is at most, days, and the moths are unable to eat so the end result is the same with perhaps more suffering.