All silks dyed to order and ship in 1-2 weeks. See shipping policy for more info.

Elements Silk Set ~ Earth, Air, Fire, Water

Elements Silk Set ~ Earth, Air, Fire, Water

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This listing is for 5 playsilks hand dyed by me with non-toxic dyes. Made of 100% Habotai 8mm China silk. Hand-rolled hem on all sides.

You will receive the following:

(1) 21" x 21" Green Grass (Earth)
(1) 21" x 21" Reddish Brown (Mud/Earth/Fire)
(1) 21" x 21" Grey (Stone/Rock/Air/Ice)
(2) 11" x 11" Blue (Water)

Please let me know if you want any substitutions on colors!

Playsilks are a wonderful toy for open-ended play...they can be used as blankets, bandannas, capes, curtains, doll carriers, doll hammocks, costumes, skirts, flags, anything your child can imagine, they can become! They're also a wonderful addition to your Waldorf nature table and can be used as water, grass, ice, dirt, or any other surface your child can imagine!

These are dyed with colorfast dyes so the color should not run, but are best washed in cool water by hand and dried flat.

Made to order & dyed by hand. There will be slight variations between dye jobs and possibly imperfections as these are done one at a time by hand. Each one is unique!

**Please note that the size described is an industry defined size prior to processing. As such, the approximate finished size can possibly be smaller after dyeing. 8mm Habotai silk shrinks approximated 10% in length and 2% in width**

I use non-toxic dyes which all conform to ASTM 4236 labeling standards for non-toxic materials.